Encounter With A Skunk

The skunk is a docile, easygoing animal. He rarely hurries or gets out of your way. He'll let you or your dog approach quite close. And that's why dogs usually get sprayed. If your dog runs afoul of a skunk, you'll have no difficulty in diagnosing it!


First, a powerful and distinct odor. The dog's eyes may be inflamed and he may paw at them.

First Aid

You'll hear of all kinds of treatment to get rid of the skunk smell. Very few of them actually eliminate the strong odor. It just has to wear off.

However, to hasten the process, you can do something.

Wash the dog thoroughly with soap and water. Then wet him down with plenty of tomato juice. Rinse off the tomato juice with a 5% solution of ammonia. Avoid getting the ammonia solution in the dog's eyes. They're already smarting from the skunk spray. Put some eye ointment in the eyes.

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