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Intelligent home nursing and professional veterinary advice will speed your dog's recovery from a serious illness or injury. When the veterinarian discharges the dog from the hospital and commits him to your care, it will be up to you to give medicine, administer to the dog's daily needs and nurse him through his convalescence. The veterinarian expects you to see to it that the dog gets his medicine and he will also expect you to keep him informed of the dog's progress. Fortified with the information in this chapter, you will be able to do a competent job of nursing your dog back to health.

Pamper Your Dog

Pamper Your Dog

The cookbook that your dog and dogs everywhere have been waiting for has finally arrived. Pamper Your Dog unleashes 130 recipes for tasty treats and meals for your canine friend that are sure to have your dog salivating. You cook for yourself and your family, so don't ignore your most faithful of friends. Pamper Your Dog will show you how to prepare tasty and healthful treats and main meals for their dogs without a lot of cost or work. This great collection of recipes features 130 tempting and tasty treats for your dog.

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