Giving The Dog An Enema

Dogs unable to stand up very often become constipated. If ordinary laxatives fail or if the veterinarian has not advised giving laxatives, you will have to give the dog an enema when he is constipated.

Bedridden dogs usually do not present much of a problem as far as giving an enema is concerned. But the dog that is sick, yet able to move around, may put up a struggle. Don't tussle with him; have someone restrain the dog.

The enema is best administered in the bathtub, since the mess can be flushed away and the tub washed and sterilized. Use a regular quart-size enema bag with a small nozzle for small dogs and a larger nozzle for big dogs. A small syringe can be used to give an enema to toy or miniature dogs. The enema solution can be ordinary soap and warm water. It should be heated to body temperature (101° to l02° F.).

Steps in giving the dog an enema

1.Fill the enema bag with the soap and warm water solution.

2.Dip the nozzle in Vaseline or mineral oil. Make sure that you don't plug the hole in the nozzle.

3.Open the clamp on the tube to clear out air.

4.Close the clamp and gently insert the nozzle about three inches into the rectum.

5.Hold or hang the enema bag about a foot higher than the dog's body.

6.Open the clamp and allow the solution to flow slowly into the rectum. But keep the pressure low. You can regulate the pressure by lifting or lowering the enema bag. Lift it and the pressure will increase; lower it and the pressure will decrease.

7.When the solution is in the dog's rectum, close the clamp and let the dog hold the solution for a minute or two.

8.Quickly remove the nozzle from the rectum and the dog will expel the enema solution and feces.

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