166 your dog's health the most cosmopolitan in this respect. There is hardly an area on earth that does not have some member of the dog family.

Man, however, has taken a hand in the development of the dog. He has practiced what is known as "selective breeding." For centuries, men have developed dogs for specialized purposes, for hunting, herding livestock, police work and as draft animals. But so far, nobody has been able to radically change the basic nature of the dog or his body. The dog is still a dog. And despite all the fancy coiffures—the custom-made sweaters and blankets—the dog remains a hunter and scavenger.

Even though the dog is a specialized animal, there is not a wide variation between his body and that of other mammals. Or man, for that matter. Your dog has all the vital organs found in other mammals: heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder, etc. He does have some variations in the functions of these organs. And he differs somewhat in his skeletal and muscular structure. But, in general, we can make many comparisons between the dog's body and organs and those of other animals and man.

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