Dogs often suffer from sore feet or lameness. Lameness may be caused by sprain, fracture, thorn or other foreign object, rheumatism, injury, etc.


The lame dog will limp, hop on three feet, hold up one foot and whimper. Pain, swelling and bleeding may be present.

First Aid

If necessary, restrain the dog. Gently examine the lame leg or foot. Look for thorns, glass, stones, etc. Check the leg for possible fractures. Remove any foreign objects from the pads or between the toes.

After you've removed any foreign objects, wash the part with mild soap and water. If the cuts are minor, let the dog lick them. If swelling is present, apply icepacks or cloths wet with cold water. Examine carefully for fractures of the toes. These will usually appear as swellings and the dog will be unable to move the broken toes. If there are fractures, or lameness persists, take the dog to the veterinarian.

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