The last of the "Big Four" is leptospirosis, a bacterial disease of dogs, human beings and other animals. It occurs in two forms: 1) canicola fever, and 2) Weil's disease. Both types are transmissible from animals to man. The organisms causing leptospirosis belong to the spirochete group of bacteria.

Leptospirosis affects the kidneys and liver. It is marked by a yellowish discoloration of the dog's skin and mucous membranes (gums, palate, nostrils, etc.). Distemper-like symptoms appear in the early stages. These are weakness, no appetite, vomiting, increased thirst, nasal discharge and general ema ciation. The temperature rises to 103° to 105° the first day, then drops sharply to as low as 97°F. the next day. There is also muscular stiffness, especially the hind legs; a heavy, dark urine; abdominal pain; a watery and bloody bowel movement; and jaundice. Leptospirosis requires immediate veterinary attention.

Rats are known carriers of the organism causing leptospirosis and the flea, louse, tick and fly are suspected as being carriers. The mosquito is also suspect. Your prevention program should include the elimination of fleas, lice and ticks from the dog. Insect and rodent control should be practiced, both for human and animal protection. Since rats often get into dog food and other supplies, discard any stale or loose dog food. Avoid damaged packages of dog food in the food stores.


Leptospirosis vaccine is available. It is important to keep in mind that while the leptospirosis vaccine affords long-lasting protection, it will not last for the dog's lifetime. You will be wise to have the dog revaccinated from time to time, especially if there is an outbreak of leptospirosis in the neighborhood.

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