Liability For Dog Bites

Bite cases are a frequent source of lawsuits. The common law (the unwritten law of a country that is binding because of long usage and acceptance) generally allows a dog to have one bite. After that, the owner can be held liable. Usually, the dog owner must be aware that his dog is a biter. If your dog bites someone and you are so informed, then you automatically become aware of the fact and can be held liable for any future bites.

If you keep a vicious watchdog, you should realize that he is a potential danger. Anyone injured by the dog— through no fault of his own—can probably get damages. On the other hand, you are not at fault if a person is bitten through his own negligence. For example, if you posted

BEWARE OF THE DOG or VICIOUS DOG, WATCH OUT signs in conspicuous places and kept the dog confined, you would be exercising proper care. Anyone who trespasses or teases the dog and gets bitten, does so through his own negligence.

Dogs bite other dogs. Your dog may tangle with your neighbor's dog and inflict injuries. Your neighbor brings suit. What's the law here? Well, there are many factors to consider, such as leash laws, trespassing, negligence, etc. It often takes a modern Solomon to adjudicate these cases.

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