Male Vs Female

The choice between a male or female should be based on facts, not prejudice. There are pros and cons for both sexes. The usual objection to the female is her estrus cycle or heat periods. She has a discharge during her periods, wants to go out and roam, and attracts a horde of canine Romeos. Add to this the excellent chance of unwanted puppies and you have the case against the female.

It's really not a very strong case. Let's consider some of the pros for the female. You'll find she is cleaner around the house, with better control of her bladder than the male. This is an important factor if you live in an apartment. You will recall that the male dog has an instinct for lifting his leg and urinating against trees, poles and fireplugs. He won't hesitate to use table and chair legs, doorjambs or floor lamps as substitutes.

The female has a strong maternal and protective instinct. She will guard children (especially if raised with them) as closely as she will guard her puppies. Some dog trainers consider the female to be more tractable, more willing to learn and with a longer attention span than the male.

A female dog in the home with children can be a valuable aid in educating, the children to the "facts of life." What better way is there to show the children the miracle of reproduction than to let them see how puppies are born? And the bridge between animal and human reproduction is more easily spanned when the children can see for themselves.

Owning a female can be less of a problem than you think. Granted, you'll have to watch her when she comes into heat twice a year. But this is not an impossible task. Once you've learned to recognize the onset of heat, you can take some precautions to see she is not bred. (See Chapter 19 under the female) If you think this is too much bother but still want a female, you can have her spayed.

The male presents no major problems in care or handling. He makes just as good a pet as the female. There are a few situations involving the male dog that will require special handling, such as mounting. These are covered in Chapter 9.

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