Bronchopneumonia is the type most often encountered in dogs. It may exist as a symptom of distemper or other disease or be present as the primary disease. Pneumonia can also be caused by bacteria, viruses, and mechanical factors, such as liquids or other foreign matter in the lungs.

The symptoms of pneumonia include a grating, rasping cough; heavy nasal discharge that may be bloody or greenish-yellow; poor or no appetite; listlessness; and a temperature range of 103° to 105°F. or higher.

Pneumonia requires prompt veterinary attention. Fortunately, with the antibiotics, pneumonia is not as dangerous as it used to be. There is always the danger of complications and the quicker you get the dog to the veterinarian, the better his chances of recovery. At the first signs of what you consider to be pneumonia, keep the dog warm with a blanket or heavy sweater. As with all diseases, make every effort to keep up the dog's strength. Give him easily digested food, such as bouillon, warm milk, egg custard or Pablum. Keep him out of drafts and dampness. (For more detailed instructions on the home nursing of the sick dog, see Chapter 18.)

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