Public Nuisance

Noisy dog may be a public nuisance

There's no doubt that a noisy dog may be a public nuisance. What's mote, he may get you entangled with the law. For example, Pennsylvania courts have ruled that owners may be restrained from keeping noisy dogs. In most communities, however, it's a matter of a dog making an unreasonable amount of noise (more than the average, normal person can tolerate). Few persons would object to the dog that barks a warning when some danger threatens the house or family. But the dog that barks or howls all day and night—getting on the neighbors' nerves—is a public nuisance. And the neighbors probably can do something about him in court.

Much of what we have outlined here is probably applicable to your community. But you should be interested in getting more specific information about your local dog laws. You can avoid a brush with the law by keeping your dog under control, getting him a license, and conducting any transactions involving breeding or buying in a businesslike manner.

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