Rabid Dogs

Rabid dogs cause loss of livestock every year, as well as endanger human beings. Most states have very stringent laws aimed at the eradication of rabies. (For the cause and mode of transmission of rabies, see Chapter 12.) Illinois, for example, has a compulsory rabies vaccination law requiring all dogs to be inoculated against this disease.

Rabies control in most states is under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture. State rabies laws usually provide for the quarantine of all animals in an epidemic area. The laws may also require all dogs to be inoculated and muzzled.

The owner of a rabid dog may be held liable for any damage done or spread of the disease. However, if he is unaware that his dog has rabies, he may be held liable only for the direct damage or destruction. This would include any bite wounds and noninfectious injuries, but no condition resulting from the rabies virus. The expenses for any action taken by the state against an owner of a rabid dog is usually paid for by the owner.

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