Setting The Stage For The New Puppy

If there's anything that will get the family and puppy off to a bad start, it's bringing the pup home without any preparation. Resist the temptation to surprise the family with a new puppy. No doubt your family will quickly recover from the excitement stirred up by the sudden appearance of a captivating pup, but what about the puppy? It can be a trying time for him.

Ever since he was first aware of his surroundings, the puppy has lived with his mother and litter mates. He's eaten, slept and played in a familiar environment. Now he's taken away from all this and his security is shattered. This is a time when the puppy needs a friend and he'll need plenty of affection and consideration. But this doesn't include hounding or mauling him to the point of collapse. Nor does he want to be

Pamper Your Dog

Pamper Your Dog

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