Shock is caused by an interference with the blood supply to the brain and other factors. It usually accompanies severe in-

juries, burns, snakebite, etc. You should treat for shock as a matter of routine, but only after you have attended to serious bleeding or stoppage of breath.


The dog may or may not be conscious. His eyes will be glassy and have a vacant stare. He will shiver or tremble. His breathing is irregular; deep, long breaths alternated with shallow ones. The dog may also vomit.

First Aid

A dog in shock loses his body heat very quickly. This is due to poor circulation. Keep him warm. Cover him with a blanket or heavy coat. If possible, slide some newspapers or another coat or blanket under him. Remember there is an interference with the blood supply to the brain, so try to lower his head. Do this by folding a coat or blanket and putting it under his body, letting his head hang down. If the dog is conscious, keep him quiet. Get him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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