Table Manners

We've advised you elsewhere to allow the puppy to eat without interruption. He should be taught to let you and the family alone when you eat. Don't encourage him to beg at the table. If you do, he will forever pester you and any guests. Keep him away from the table. He can, of course> have an occasional tidbit, but not from the family table.

A regular grooming will keep your dog clean, free from parasites and improve his general appearance. The grooming period will also enable you to keep a check on the condition of the dog's skin, coat, ears, eyes and teeth.

It's best to set a definite time for the grooming period. It doesn't have to be every day, but can be two or three times a week; certainly not less than once a week. Young puppies will need to be cleaned more often than older dogs, but as the pup matures, he can go on a semiweekly grooming routine.

Your pup may need to have his face cleaned daily, until he learns how to eat without sticking his face into his food. Use a damp cloth and wipe off the pup's mouth, muzzle and throat. If he has food on his ears, wash them too. Otherwise, the hair will become matted.

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