The Advantages Of A Purebred

There are some decided advantages in owning a purebred dog. First of all, the purebred breeders have spent a lot of time, money and effort in developing their breeds. You, as the buyer, profit by all of these. Most of the purebred kennel operators have high standards in the selection of breeding stock, sanitation, dog care and business transactions. They are not "fly-by-night" enterprises.

Another important advantage in buying a purebred dog is that you can be sure what the dog will look like when mature. This is not so with the crossbreed or mongrel. Finally, a purebred dog can be entered in dog shows or field trials. All of these advantages justify the higher price you will pay for a purebred dog.

Once you've decided on a purebred dog and a specific breed, your next step is to shop around. And now it is time for a warning or caveat, as the lawyers say. Many pet shops offer purebred dogs at bargain prices. And in most instances, you will get registration papers. But that is not where the caveat comes in; it's the quality of these bargain purebreds that you must consider.

Very few pet shop operators are dog breeders; they get their dogs from kennels, middlemen and private owners. Most of the stock in the pet shops are runts, poor dog show prospects and possibly in ill health. Furthermore, pet shop dogs don't always get the best care or attention. They are usually kept in individual cages, and you will recall from Chapter 1, what can happen to puppies raised in cages or isolation. Puppies in the pet shops don't get much handling, other than when fed or the cage is cleaned. The pet shop proprietor has too many other charges to look after, from tropical fish to monkeys. But the kennel operator specializes in dogs and gives them his full attention.

Locating a kennel

Try to find a kennel for the breed of your choice that is nearby. Look in the classified ads in your local newspaper or the yellow pages of the telephone book. A handy directory, Where To Buy, Board or Train a Dog, is available from the Gaines Dog Research Center, 250 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. Three magazines catering to the dog world also list kennels. These are Popular Dogs, 2008 Ranstead Street, Philadelphia 3, Pennsylvania; Dog World, Chicago, Illinois; and All-Pets Magazine, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Dog World is available at some newstands. The American Kennel Club will also help you to locate a kennel near your home.

There are some dog "trade" magazines, such as Mountain Music, the American Foxhound and the American Coon-

hound. These magazines have listings for coonhounds and other dogs. You can also order a dog by mail through one of these magazine ads. But this is not for the tyro. You can get yourself into quite a predicament, what with being disappointed in the dog, writing a lot of letters, paying shipping costs and feeling sour about the whole deal. Buy your dog from a kennel within commuting distance.

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