You'll have to teach the pup to turn right or left while heeling. Otherwise, he'll be walking straight when you want to turn and you will trip over him.

Right and left turns

You can easily teach the pup to make forty-five- or ninety-degree turns to the right or left. Teach him while he is on the leash. To make a ninety-degree turn to the right, first alert the dog by shortening your steps. When you think he is alerted, and when your left foot is forward, pivot on your right foot and proceed in the new direction.

If the dog fails to turn right, stop and start again. This time, hold the leash in your right hand, using up about half of the length. As you turn right, pull the leash and dog around with you in a semicircle and step off in the new direction. Ease up on the leash pressure when you're on the new course, give the command "Heel!" and give the dog some praise.

The left turn is made in a similar manner, except that you have an extra persuader. Alert the dog for the turn by shortening your steps. Then, while your right foot is forward, pivot on your left foot. As you turn, bring your right knee up and across your left leg and bump the dog's right shoulder, pushing him around to the left. If you have a small dog, you can't use your knee to nudge him to the left. Use the side of your right foot. When the pup gets the nudge, he'll turn out of your way. The right and left turns have the same steps as the right- or left-flank movement in military drill.

The forty-five-degree turn right or left is made in a similar fashion as the ninety-degree turns. Simply shorten your steps, pivot on the right or left foot (depending on which way you want to turn) and make half-turns. Keep practicing all turns until the pup automatically swings right or left when he sees you shorten your steps.

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