Urinary Tract Ailments

Ordinarily, we associate urinary tract ailments with older dogs. But disease or injury to the kidneys or bladder may also occur in young dogs or puppies.

Inflammation of the kidneys may be caused by infection, injury, stones or improper diet. The symptoms include pain in the kidney region, excessive thirst, difficult urination, vomiting and little or no appetite. Kidney ailments require veterinary attention. Very often a dog with a kidney ailment will have to be put on a prolonged special diet.

Infection or the formation of stones may cause inflammation of the bladder. A dog suffering from infected bladder or stones will have difficulty in urinating. He may have blood in the urine, pain in the bladder region and little or no appetite. He will also have an increased thirst. A complete blockage of the urinary tract may occur. When it does, immediate veterinary attention is necessary.

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