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In Chapter 1, we mentioned that his willingness to serve man has put the dog in a position of dependency. The degree of dependency varies according to where the dog lives. And this leads us to the often-asked question: "Should dogs be kept in the city?"

The subject of keeping a dog in the city has many supporters and objectors. The supporters say dogs don't mind where they live, just so long as they can be with their masters. And to back up their claim, they point to the thousands of dogs that seem to enjoy urban life. When it comes to the objectors, the arguments range all the way from cruelty to animals to the statement that dogs are sanitary nuisances. Pro or con, both sides have some convincing arguments.

There is no question but that city life imposes restrictions on people and dogs. Neither the space nor freedom of movement found in the country is available in the city. The modern city is a conglomeration of steel, glass, concrete, brick and asphalt; all formed into buildings, sidewalks and streets—all erected in limited space. Ground and floor space are costly commodities in the big cities. There are no "wide-open spaces" in the cities, except in the parks. And these are usually out-of-bounds for dogs. Unfortunately, very few backyards remain in the cities, and empty lots are turned into parking places until the owners decide to erect another apartment house or skyscraper.

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