Attention with No Hand Signal

This exercise has two purposes: (1) to teach your dog to look at you with a verbal command only and no hand signal; and (2) to further educate you and your dog in the use of food as a reward rather than as a lure. When you finish teaching your dog this exercise, you should have a better understanding of how positive reinforcement works. This is hard for your dog to understand, so practice in a quiet area initially.

First, warm up with last week's eye contact exercise by telling your dog to watch, then pointing to your eyes, without food in your hands. When he makes eye contact, praise, reward, and release.

When you are successful at that, try telling him to watch while your hands are hanging at your sides. You can even put them behind your back. There should be no food in them. If he looks up and makes eye contact, reward him with a piece of food. If he doesn't, keep talking to him softly or make kissing noises. The second he looks up, immediately stuff food in his mouth. Once he understands what you want, try to extend the amount of time he holds eye contact before you reward him. Don't ask him to hold it for longer than a count of five.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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