Come and Take Hold of the Collar

This exercise is the same as the come and sit exercise from last week, except this time when your dog sits, you are going to reach down and take hold of his collar before you praise and reward him. You want to make sure he is comfortable with this motion and that he won't jump away. Have the food in your right hand, so that your left hand is free to take hold of the collar. Give your dog the food while you are still holding on to the collar. Remember, the sequence is:

3. Take hold of the collar.

4. Praise.

5. Reward.

6. Release with "okay."

As your dog becomes more comfortable with this, you may want to reach and grab faster, as you might in an emergency, to accustom him to this. You should also practice calling your dog to you and snapping on the leash before praising him and giving him his reward.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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