Acknowledgments ix

1. Good Relationships Are Built on Good Training 1

Good Relationships Are Built on Realistic Expectations • Choosing a Training Method • The Advantages of Using Food to Train Your Dog • Other Rewards • The Disadvantages of Using Force to Train Your Dog • The Role of Force in Positive Training • The Magic of Training the Positive Way

2. Housebreaking the Positive Way 15

Punishment • Reward • Confinement and Using a Crate • Confinement When You Work All Day • Giving Your Dog More Freedom • Scheduling • Feeding • Cleaning Up • Asking to Go Out • Realistic Expectations • Submissive Urination • Marking • Health Problems • Troubleshooting Checklist

3. Getting Off to a Good Start 35

Choosing a Dog • Characteristics of a Good Breeder • Puppy Temperament Tests • Starting Training • Teaching Commands: Sit, Stay, Okay, and No • Handling Puppy Behavior Problems the Positive Way • Building Confidence • Starting Off-Leash Training

4. Understanding Your Dog's Personality 63

Behaviors Related to Breed • Assertive and Passive Dogs • Aggressive or Passive Defense Reactions • Independent or Dependent • Energy Level and Reactivity Intelligence and Trainability • "Reading" Your Dog • The Issue of Dominance viii Contents

5. Basic Training the Positive Way 77

Treats • Collars • Leashes • Basic Training Skills • Training Plans Week by Week • The Test • Training Never Ends

6. Coming When Called and the Off-Leash Dog 117

Realistic Expectations • The Foundation • Unintentional Punishment: Training Your Dog Not to Come • The Long Line: A Life Saver • When to Use the Long Line • How to Use the Long Line • The Off-Leash Dog

• Keeping Up Your Come Training

7. Exercise: The Magic Problem Solver 133

How Much? • Walking Your Dog: Good for Both of You • Finding a Place to Exercise Off Leash • Dog Play Groups • Jogging with Your Dog • Other Alternatives • The Benefits of Exercise

8. Common Behavior Problems 147

Jumping Up • Attention-Getting Behaviors • Stealing • Destructive Chewing and Separation Anxiety • Excessive Barking • Shyness

9. Aggression 163

Dog Personality Types and Aggression • Does Your Dog Have an Aggression Problem? • Fear Aggression • Territorial Aggression • When Fear Aggression and Territorial Aggression Combine • Dominance Aggression • Dogs Aggressive with Strange Dogs • Normal Aggressive Response to Rude Dogs • Dogs Who Are Aggressive with Other Dogs in the Household • Finding Help • Conclusion

10. Great Adventures with Your Dog 179

Obedience Classes • Joining a Dog Club • Showing Your Dog • Showing in Obedience • Showing in Breed • Matches • Canine Good Citizen Test • Rally and Rally-O • Agility • Therapy Dogs • Special Activities for Special Breeds • Fun and Fitness with Your Dog • To Breed or Not to Breed • Conclusion

11. Lessons to Learn from Our Dogs 201

Building a Good Relationship • The Power of Positive Reinforcement • The Importance of Nonverbal Communication • Dogs Are Our Mirrors

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How To Housetrain Any Dog

How To Housetrain Any Dog

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