Downing on Command

Good news. Teaching your dog to lie down on command is fairly easy. Sit your dog on your left side, and kneel beside him. No leash is necessary. Place your left hand lightly on your dog's rump so that he cannot stand up. Have a piece of food in your right hand. Hold the food near your dog's nose and use it like a magnet to draw your dog to the floor. Move the food straight down to in front of his toes. If you move it too far forward, he will stand up. As soon as his elbows touch the floor, pop the food into his mouth. Some dogs learn faster on a slippery surface; others are encouraged by a soft surface to lie down. Don't try to get him to stay down at this point. You only want to teach him to lie down. Add the command "Max, down" when he is doing the behavior readily.

Use food as a magnet to pull your dog into a down position. (English Springer Spaniel)

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