Down Stay Away from Home

It is easy to take your dog places with you if he can be put on a down-stay anywhere. You have practiced a down-stay at home with distractions, so this week try it somewhere away from home. A park or a friend's house would be perfect. Do you take your kids to baseball or soccer practice? Take your dog along and make him do a down-stay. Again, be stubborn. He probably won't cooperate at first, so just keep putting him down until he relaxes and stays. It is not unreasonable to ask him to do a down-stay for half an hour, or even longer. One of my introductions to dog training was when I was in college and took my Irish Setter to classes with me, in spite of signs on the doors prohibiting dogs in the buildings. We got away with it because Shauna did an excellent down-stay that lasted the 50 minutes of class. Dogs love to go places, and down-stay training will make that possible.

Dog Care Duty

Dog Care Duty

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