Electronic Shock Collars

These collars are used to punish dogs. Don't be misled by descriptions that the collars work by administering "stimulation" to your dog. They give your dog a shock. As I wrote in the first chapter of this book, punishment has many disadvantages. There are two types of problems that I hear from people who try them. The first is that if a dog doesn't know what to do to stop the punishment, he will become frightened and depressed from a sense of helplessness. The pain may increase anxiety and aggression, making the behavior problem worse.

The other problem is that the dog will become frightened of everything associated with the pain. I've seen dogs who are afraid to go outside because that is where they were first shocked. Think about what kind of housebreaking problems this can cause! Timing is critical in using punishment, a skill that can take years of dog training experience to develop. For this collar to be effective, your dog must have completely learned a behavior and have had tens of thousands of repetitions. People who buy these collars as shortcuts to training will likely waste their money and cause mental damage to their dogs.

My strong advice: Do Not Use Electronic Collars. Citronella Spray Remote Collars

I do like citronella spray collars in some circumstances. They work by having a puff of citronella spray come from a box on a collar that hits under a dog's chin. They startle a dog rather than really hurt him. There are fewer side effects with good results. However, the same criticisms apply as do to electronic collars. A sensitive dog can become fearful. For the collar to work, a dog must have thoroughly learned a behavior through thousands of repetitions with positive reinforcement.

How To Buy A Shock Collar

How To Buy A Shock Collar

Bark collars are a specific type of training tool that is ideal for dogs with a natural tendency to bark excessively, or more than usual for any reason. Bark collars are designed to provide negative reinforcement in reaction to the unwanted barking behavior. Over time, the dog will learn to avoid the behavior in order to avoid the negative reinforcement.

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