Leave It Dont Touch Things on the Ground

Set up three distracting objects on the ground about 25 feet apart. These can be bowls of very attractive food (think liverwurst) or your children's dirty socks. In my obedience classes, we use paper plates full of horse manure. This really motivates my students to work on "leave it," especially when I remind them that their dogs will be kissing them later. Start with your dog on leash and lots of treats. As soon as your dog focuses on the distraction, and preferably before he even starts to pull toward it, give your dog the command "leave it." Use quick tugs on the leash to get his attention, and keep walking. When your dog finally looks away from the distraction and back at you, praise and give him a treat.

Keep going until your dog will walk by the distractions without even looking at them. Keep praising and rewarding!

Use your "leave it" command when your dog becomes glued to an interesting smell on a walk.

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