Normal Aggressive Response to Rude Dogs

Here's a news flash: dogs can't talk. If another dog is bothering them, they can't tell them to back off, so they tell them by lunging and snapping at them. Some dogs are more intolerant of other dogs' obnoxious behavior than other dogs. That's okay. Don't punish your dog. It's your job to protect your dog from rude and obnoxious dogs. Rude dogs are ones who run up to your dog, get in his face, and maybe jump on him. They are overly friendly and rough.

My husband and I have just added an eight-week-old Belgian Tervuren puppy to our household. Rude doesn't even begin to describe his behavior with our older Irish Setter. When she finally has had enough of him hanging off her long ears and beautiful tail, she lunges at him and snaps. And you know what I do? I praise her. She needs my emotional support. While it is frightening to see a tiny puppy snapped at, it is the only way she has of telling him "no." Now if I can just learn to communicate with him as effectively as she does!

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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