Rally and RallyO

Rally is another obedience sport, but one that puts less emphasis on precision and more on enjoyment. Rally is an AKC sport; Rally-O is open to all dogs, including mixed breeds. In both, handler and dog complete a course involving mostly heeling. A sequence of signs is set up that tells the handler what to do. The big difference is that you can talk to and praise your dog while working. In the beginning levels of Rally-O, treats can be used. Rally obedience is a fun way to prepare for competitive obedience and is a good way to provide attention to older dogs. More information on Rally and Rally-O is available at apdt.com.

How To Housetrain Any Dog

How To Housetrain Any Dog

Fundamentals of Dog and Puppy Training. Although dogs shouldn't be attributed with having human characteristics, they are intelligent enough to be able to understand the concept of, and execute, certain actions that their owners require of them - if these actions are asked in a way that dogs find rewarding.

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