Sit Stay While You Move

Do this on leash first. Sit your dog by your side, and tell him to stay. Toss a treat about two feet away. Repeat the stay command, drop the leash, and take a step away from your dog to pick up the treat. Return to your dog and give him the treat while he is staying. Release. Gradually increase the distance you throw the treat and walk away from him. When he gets the idea, stop throwing the treat. Take one step away from your dog. Return to his side immediately and reward. Once again, gradually increase the distance.

Even though dogs have to stay while their owners go 30 feet away and even out of sight in dog shows, in everyday life, you will rarely have to go far away. What you will have to concentrate on is a good sit-stay with distractions.

You can repeat the hand signal and stay command as necessary. If you repeat the command, you may want to omit his name, so he isn't confused and doesn't think you want him to come to you. Be careful not to pull him with the leash by mistake and cause him to move. Read him carefully so you can anticipate any moves and remind him to stay. If he moves, put him back into the place he was originally, and start over.

After you have reached the end of the leash, immediately return to him. Go all the way back to heel position, where you started. Do not call him to you. Calling him out of a stay will confuse him at this point. He will anticipate your call and will keep getting up to come to you. Make him stay until you are all the way back in heel position, and then praise, reward, and release. Gradually increase the amount of time he will stay at the end of the leash to one minute. It will probably take two weeks to get up to one minute.

Dog Owners Handbook

Dog Owners Handbook

There are over a hundred registered breeds of dogs. Recognizing the type of the dog is basically associated with its breed. A purebred animal belongs to a documented and acknowledged group of unmixed lineage. Before a breed of dog is recognized, it must be proven that mating two adult dogs of the sametype would have passed on their exact characteristics, both appearance and behavior, to their offspring.

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