Walking Your Dog Good for Both of

The classic way to exercise your dog is walking him on leash. If this is the way you are going to exercise your dog, make sure exercising is what you are doing and not just giving him a chance to relieve himself on the neighbors' lawns. Walk briskly and do not allow him to stop. He should relieve himself at home before you leave. Do not let him stop to sniff. You both have to keep moving to get good exercise.

Train your dog to walk without pulling, and then never allow him to pull again when you are walking him. It is not good for your dog to be dragging you down the street, gasping and wheezing for air. And it is not good for your arm! You will have to be stubborn because it is not natural for an excited dog to walk at a slow enough pace to match yours. Make sure that anyone who walks him insists on him not pulling; consistency is important if walking without pulling is going to become a habit. If you walk your dog in an open area, you may want to try walking him on a retractable leash. It will give him a little more freedom, and he won't pull as much.

Greyhounds used for coursing rabbits in England were walked 5 to 10 miles a day. Now that's a walk! You may not want to do as much, but remember that extended exercise is best for your dog. This means at least 20 minutes of walking for a little dog, and more for a larger dog. Two miles would be good for medium and large dogs.

Do you have a dog who is very friendly with other dogs? You're lucky. However, even though your dog is friendly, many dogs are not. Some are very frightened of other dogs. Please respect them. I had a dog who was aggressive if other dogs charged up to him, even if to be friendly. I hated when owners yelled, "It's okay. My dog is friendly," as their dogs dragged them to my poor dog. Then, when my dog complained about the obnoxious greeting, the other owners thought my dog was at fault. Don't be a rude dog owner.

A wonderful aspect of walking your dog on leash, even if it isn't as efficient as exercising a dog off leash, is that it often gives you an opportunity to meet people. You may even meet someone with whom you can form a dog play group!

Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding

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