Stay without food

Attention: Look at you, not the food Stand

"Off": Don't jump up

"Leave it": No stealing

Loose leash walking: Combining the parts


Handling paws on a down-stay Stay without Food

Now your dog needs to learn to stay without pieces of food in front of him. Don't move to this step unless you have done lots of practice with food in front of him. Start by making the stays shorter and with fewer distractions. If your dog moves, put him back in position without using food. There's no need to be terribly physical here. Just be more stubborn than he is. When he is successful at staying, reward him while he is sitting or lying down, and release him. Is it a problem if your dog lies down when you have left him sitting? No. That is only important if you plan to show your dog in obedience.

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Dog Owners Handbook

Dog Owners Handbook

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