When Fear Aggression and Territorial Aggression Combine

This is a very dangerous combination. It is the most common cause of dog bites to strangers that I see. If a dog is just fearful, he hides and avoids confrontations. If a dog is just territorial, he barks at strangers, but easily makes friends later. If your dog barks and growls, backing away from the stranger, and will not relax, you probably have a combination of both problems. This is important to know because both problems must be worked on separately.

Be very careful with this dog. He may avoid a stranger for a while in your house, and then bite the person when he moves. Put this dog on leash or confine him, especially if you are having many visitors and you will be too busy to watch him. A Gentle Leader, which is a head collar, is good for this problem. You may have to choose between losing your homeowners insurance or your dog if he bites.

A Word about Attack Trained Dogs

Although I don't remember where I read it, I remember another dog trainer making a very good point about the general public owning dogs trained to attack. He (or she) said that since most people cannot reliably make their dogs sit and stay, the idea of such people owning a dog trained to attack is frightening. If you feel that your home needs more protection, buy a burglar alarm. It is more reliable, and it won't attack the wrong person.

Dog Obedience

Dog Obedience

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