Cue Words

Direction Cue. When going to the door, • choose a word like OUTSIDE to direct the first part of her task. OUTSIDE will let her know where you are going, and by using the next cue word (the elimination cue word), she will link the two words with the process.

OUTSIDE will become a question you will later ask her if you suspect she may need to go outside. If you've successfully linked OUTSIDE with HURRY UP (or the elimination cue word), she will quickly run to the door in answer to your question if she needs an elimination break.

Elimination Cue. Use another specific cue • like HURRY UP or POTTY to indicate that you wish her to eliminate. This word can be linked easily with the first potty break of the morning since most puppies need to eliminate first thing in the morning.

Cue words can become gentle coaxes • when you know your puppy needs to eliminate but is perhaps becoming distracted in the yard. Repeating the cue HURRY UP in a coaxing voice can refocus her on the job at hand.

Some people choose to pick one cue word for urination and one for defecation. You have to time the cue word with the action quite a few times successfully so your puppy can make the link between the action and the words. Sometimes it's easier to use one word or phrase for both actions.

Dog Owners Delight

Dog Owners Delight

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