Effective Leaders Manage Time

The first concept is that leaders man-• age time. Create a schedule. The crate is a valuable tool for providing time management for your dog. What this translates to in the daily raising of your dog is to use the crate frequently according to a predetermined schedule. There is no substitute for the crate. The crate is the safest and most effective form of confinement. Socialize your puppy/dog to it immediately (described in chapters 1 and 6) and continue to use it throughout your dog's life as his stage needs dictate.

^^ C O The leader giveth, the leader taketh ^L\J • away. A fair leader provides consistency in rules and structure, sets and maintains boundaries, and allows room for expansion of liberties and boundaries as responsibility is proven. A fair leader is also not shy about removing liberties or tightening boundaries if disrespectful behaviors return.

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