Expectations For Adolescent Dogs

8 Obedience training at this stage is • not intended to "fix" all of your problems. Obedience will be used to create patterns that will be adopted (self-applied) in various situations to create manners over time. So don't "force" the "fix." "Forcing" will cause other problems to occur.

(j Patience-building exercises are espeI »cially helpful at these stages. Do position-holding (SIT STAY and DOWN STAY) exercises daily to increase patience over time.

During puberty, secondary sexual • characteristics begin to blossom. Genetic imprinting such as territorial responses can also begin to surface. This is the time when mental discipline must be instilled as a basis for developing a sense of canine "morality." Mentally challenging exercises, like distraction training, practiced often will help decrease response to genetics.

"I've never seen my dog do that • before." If owners could assign a slogan to this developmental stage of puberty, that would be it! Mental growth driven by genetic imprinting and hormonal influences will find fertile ground in a dog who is becoming more confident with sorting out these impulses. Many interesting behavior problems can surface in an otherwise "good dog" during this period.

Dog Training Basics

Dog Training Basics

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