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Taking a walk is not always heeling! There are four different types of walk: a HEEL walk, a "free walk" for sniffing, a "potty walk," and a "party-time walk." Each one is done on a leash and still requires leash manners of no pulling. Each one, though, also fulfills a different need for your dog and will help him understand when he must maintain a complete HEEL.

1. HEEL walk. We already know that HEEL requires paying attention to the leader, no pulling, no sniffing, a certain position to be held, and the finish of an automatic SIT when complete. This one is quite formal and should always have the same requirements on a walk.

2. Free walk. This is a walk on BREAK with no formal position. Your dog may sniff, investigate, and walk at any position as long as there is no leash pulling. It helps his curious side and, by releasing him into it, helps him understand exactly when he can sniff the ground if he can't during HEEL.

3. Potty walk. It's hard for your dog to eliminate at HEEL. From time to time during your walk, stop and have your dog finish the HEEL with SIT. Give him a BREAK to allow time to relieve himself. While on BREAK, your dog may sniff and walk freely but still have manners. Correct your dog with NO for pulling against the leash.

4. Party-time walk. Sometimes all four of a dog's feet need to leave the ground. A release from structure will show him balance—a time to walk and a time to run! A physical release may show your dog that if he has patience and HEELS well, a fun reward awaits at the end of the path. Remember to correct for any pulling during play because play still requires manners.

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