High Five

1. Once you have mastered the SHAKE trick, you can extend the behavior to the HIGH FIVE. Start with your dog in a SIT in front of you. Kneel down and extend your right hand and command SHAKE. While your dog's paw is in your hand, slowly turn your palm around so that it faces your dog's face and command HIGH FIVE. While you are turning your palm, continue praising so he keeps his paw on your hand. Repeat "good HIGH FIVE." Give a treat for hitting your hand.

2. To keep the pattern going, hold your hand up with your palm facing your dog. Command HIGH FIVE and praise if your dog hits your hand with his paw. If he seems confused, tap your right palm with your left hand and vocally motivate. Keep your right hand very low so it looks like SHAKE. Praise and treat immediately after your dog taps your hand.

3. As your dog gets better at High Five, raise your hand higher, get up off your knees (you may need to lower your hand when you begin standing), and finally command a nice High Five. If you really want to wow 'em, have your dog jump up and hit your hand for an airborne High Five.

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