Leaders Are Consistent In Their Rules Of The Role

Sometimes consistency is easier to

• define by citing examples of inconsistency. When we consider inconsistency with respect to our leadership protocol, we call these mixed messages. Mixed messages are inconsistencies that either make the owner look like a dog in the dog's eyes or elevate the dog to level of a human in the dog's eyes.

Eliminate activities that reduce the

• owner to the level of a dog: playing rough with your dog, wrestling, playing hand games, allowing your dog's mouth (teeth) on your skin (even just a little), and playing tug of war. Remember, the dog is not the toy and even with a toy, no rough play!

Eliminate activities that elevate your • dog to the level of a human: allowing your dog to sit on the chair or couch with you, allowing your dog to sleep on your bed, allowing your dog to eat at the table (yes, I'm serious), and allowing your dog to lick your face to the point where it becomes compulsive.

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