More Good Application Exercises

Teach your dog not to pick up things • that get knocked on the floor. Line up a series of distractions along the kitchen counter (dishrags, sponges, soda cans, plastic cups, etc.). Place your dog in a SIT and casually knock the objects onto the floor (not on top of your dog's head, please). If your dog breaks the SIT, correct with NO and redirect with SIT. Praise heartily when your dog ignores the falling distractions. Add this exercise to your formal distraction-training workout.

Once your dog learns the pattern at the kitchen counter, change the training environment to the living room and repeat by dropping items off the coffee table. Line up the items and walk your dog past the table. If your dog shows more than a casual interest in the items, correct with NO and redirect with LEAVE IT (don't forget to praise). Once your dog ignores the items on the coffee table, drop them on the floor as you did in the previous exercise.

Good manners in your dog are essential. Applications provide structure and formality to daily life, provide positive patterns for your dog to receive praise, and teach your dog good behavior as a lifestyle. The more avenues you have to develop good behavior, the more your dog will come to behave well in all situations. Here are some secrets about avoiding bawdy behavior and creating and reinforcing excellent etiquette.

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