Physical Needs

Your puppy's physical needs come in short bursts. A small walk up and down the block is fine for a youngster. If you do a walk that is too long, your puppy will sit down and refuse to walk. You may even need to pick her up and carry her home! Keep your walks short and build time and pace slowly.

Don't take your puppy jogging and # ┬╗expect her to keep up with you for a great distance. Keep the runs short in duration. Running on a long leash is fine if done in a soft, grassy area, but high-impact jumping or running should be avoided until your dog is one year of age. Their bones are still developing and you don't want to risk injury or impairment of proper development.

One or two small walks per day along with one or two short runs in puppy-hood is a rather general, but appropriate "recipe" to meet your dog's physical needs. Keep in mind that the balance will be different with different breeds so make adjustments accordingly!

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