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Should people with jobs own dogs? Sure, but remember that housebreaking a young puppy without a midday elimination break is more difficult on the both the puppy and owner alike. The owner must allow (and provide space for) more frequent accidents and an overall longer process.

Hiring a dog-walking service to aid in this developmental period is also a good idea to help avoid long crating periods while your puppy is young. This period in a dog's life goes by quickly and some allowances made early on can yield an opportunity for better learning and a wonderful relationship with your dog later.

At first, absorbent bedding will keep accidents away from your puppy when they are simply too young to "hold it" for extended periods of time. Keeping them clean now will stimulate their own ability to be clean later. Keep a good schedule to aid in this cleanliness process.

In later stages of housebreaking (three • months on), avoid absorbent bedding. If your puppy can eliminate and have the offending material absorbed, he can push it off to one side. Removal of bedding at this point will require your puppy to really try to remain clean in between scheduled potty breaks.

Avoid tethering your puppy outside. Natural instincts will tell the puppy not to soil an area they spend extended amounts of time in. This may cause the puppy not to eliminate outside or start eliminating inside the crate.

Not all puppies give obvious signals when they need to eliminate, but they do give signs. Watch your puppy carefully and note some of the more common signals: waking up, sudden sniffing, circling, moving to a remote area, or just a puzzled look. Act quickly to get your puppy to the elimination area as quickly as possible.

When activity level changes, your puppy could have an accident. This applies to sleeping and waking, playing then stopping, after a car ride, after a meal, etc.

Your puppy's accidents will catch him as • much by surprise as they do you! Your puppy can be playing, drinking, walking, or chewing a bone and may just spontaneously urinate. This is completely without intent and is certainly not "out of spite." Her bladder simply became full and her body released it. Until her body development catches up, this is quite common.

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