Test The Sit Command

Combine the SIT command with position-holding skills by teaching your dog SIT in motion. Maintain a close HEEL position and give your dog the SIT command. You may need to march in place for a few moments until your dog completes the SIT. When your dog sits, praise and continue walking forward until you reach the end of your leash and your dog remains in his position.

As your dog gets better at the SIT in motion, increase your speed until you can HEEL at a normal pace and your dog SITS immediately when commanded. Your goal is to have your dog stop his forward motion and SIT within a two-second count.

Your dog should understand that SIT is more than the action of moving his rump to the floor. To proof this idea we will teach your dog to SIT from DOWN at the side. While your dog is holding the DOWN position give the command SIT. You may need to motivate your dog by happily patting your leg. Be cautious not to lean over your dog because your body language will be telling him to stay down. Also divert your eye stare to the ground or better yet the horizon.

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