Barking as a response

Your dog is outside in the yard, and some people walk by, so he barks. Barking is a natural response of defending his territory. After the potential intruders have passed, he's quiet again. People passing are the stimulus that causes barking, and after it has been removed, your dog stops.

If the people had stopped by the fence for a conversation, your dog would've continued to bark. To get him to stop, you have to remove your dog, or the people have to leave. Remove the stimulus from the dog or the dog from the stimulus. If you live in a busy area where this happens frequently, you may have to change your dog's environment. You may not be able to leave him in the yard for prolonged periods.

Your dog also barks when he's in the house and someone comes to the door. After he has alerted you, tell your dog "thank you, that's enough," and have him sit at your side as you answer the door. If necessary, put him on leash so that you can control him.

He may also rush to the window and stand there and bark because he sees or hears something. Again, thank him for letting you know what's going on and tell him "that's enough." If he doesn't stop, go to him, take him away from the window, and have him lie down in his corner.

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