Barking for no apparent reason

Your dog has a reason for barking, but it isn't apparent to you. It can be due to any or all of the following:

^ Anxiety ^ Boredom

^ Seeking attention because he's lonely

Theoretically, none of these reasons is difficult to overcome if you work to eliminate the potential causes. Spend more time exercising your dog. Spend more time training your dog. Don't leave your dog alone so long, and don't leave him alone so often.

As a practical matter, it's not that easy. Most people work for a living and leave their dog at home alone for prolonged periods. If you live in an apartment, your

Knowing a dog's motivation

Whatever you may think, Buddy does what he does for a reason. Although the behavior may be unacceptable to you, to him, it's the only way he can express his unhappiness and frustration. Excessive barking is often attention-seeking behavior, even if the consequences of the attention are unpleasant. For example, when you scold your dog for barking or, worse yet, physically punish him, he's still getting attention.

dog certainly can't bark all day. The stress on the dog is horrendous, not to mention your neighbors' reactions. (See the section, "Coping with Separation Anxiety," later in the chapter.)

One way to stop a barking dog is an electronic bark collar, which causes a slight electric shock every time he barks. Another way is a citronella collar, which sprays some citronella in the direction of the dog's nose when he barks. These tools work well in a single-dog household. (See Chapter 6 for more info on these collars.)

Chewing — The Nonfood Variety

The principal reasons that dogs chew are physiological and psychological. The first passes, the second doesn't, and both are a nuisance.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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