Bringing out drives

When you grill hamburgers on the barbecue, the aroma stimulates your appetite, as well as everyone else's in the neighborhood. In effect, it brings out your prey drive. The smell becomes a cue. Incidentally, the smell also brings out Buddy's prey drive.

Following is a short list of cues that bring out each of the dog's major drives:

1 Prey drive is elicited by the use of motion — hand signals (except "Stay") — a high-pitched tone of voice, the movement of an object of attraction (stick, ball, or food), chasing or being chased, and leaning or running backwards as your dog comes to you.

1 Pack drive is elicited by calmly and quietly touching, praising and smiling, grooming, and playing and training with your body erect.

1 Defense drive is elicited by a threatening body posture, such as leaning or hovering over the dog either from the front or the side, staring at the dog with direct eye contact (this is how people get bitten), leaning over and wagging a finger in the dog's face while chastising him, checking the dog, using a harsh tone of voice, and exaggerating the use of the "Stay" hand signal (see Chapter 7).

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