Canine Cruise Control Walking Coming When Called and Leaving Stuff Alone

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^ Taking Buddy for a walk ^ Ensuring that your dog comes when called Teaching the "Leave it" command

7aking your dog for a nice, long walk is balm for the soul and good exercise for both of you, provided he doesn't drag you down the street. Teaching him to walk on a loose leash makes your strolls with Buddy a pleasure rather than a chore.

Most of you want to be able to take your dog for a walk on leash and have him remain within the length of his leash without pulling. A leisurely stroll is an important daily routine, and for many dogs, it's the only opportunity to get some fresh air.

Even better from the dog's perspective is a good run in the park or the woods. For this privilege Buddy has to learn to come when called. You can teach him to respond to the "Come" command by playing the Recall Game.

Another command you want Buddy to learn is "Leave it!" The command tells the dog to ignore whatever interests him at the time. The object of his interest can be a cat, another dog, a person, or something on the ground. "Leave it" is especially useful when Buddy discovers something disgusting he perceives as edible.

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