Coaxing Buddy into the crate

In order to coax Buddy into the crate, use these helpful hints:

1. Set up the crate and let your dog investigate it.

Put a crate pad or blanket in the crate.

2. Choose a command, such as "Crate" or "Go to bed."

If your puppy isn't lured in, physically place Buddy in the crate, using the command you've chosen.

3. Close the door, tell him what a great puppy he is, give him a bite-sized treat, and then let him out.

There's no rule against gentle persuasion to get your pup enthused about his crate.

4. Use a treat to coax him into the crate.

If he doesn't follow the treat, physically place him in the crate and then give him the treat.

5. Again, close the door, tell him what a great little puppy he is, and give him a bite-sized treat.

The treat doesn't have to be a dog biscuit so long as it's an object the dog will actively work for.

7. Continue using the command and giving Buddy a treat after he's in the crate until he goes into the crate with almost no help from you.

For the puppy that's afraid of the crate, use his meals to overcome his fear. First, let him eat his meal in front of the crate, and then place his next meal just inside the crate. Put each successive meal a little farther into the crate until he's completely inside and no longer reluctant to enter.

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