Come with distractions

Even though Buddy already knows the "Come" command, you still need to work on distraction training — for which you need a helper. Leave Buddy in a Sit-Stay, and go 20 feet in front. Have your helper position herself equidistant between you and Buddy — about two feet from Buddy's anticipated line of travel. Facing Buddy, the helper crouches and smiles.

Call your dog, and as he passes the distracter, release backward with an enthusiastic "Okay!" Then give him a treat when he gets to you. If he goes to the distracter, smile and very slowly approach Buddy. Put the leash on the dead ring of the training collar and, with a little tension on the leash, show him exactly what he should've done by trotting backward to the spot where you called him. Praise and release backward. You may have to show him a few times until he catches on. After he's successful, stop for that session.

Release backward any time you want to encourage the dog when he's coming toward you. Lean backward, throw up your hands invitingly, and take a few steps back with an enthusiastic "Okay!"

If your dog veers from the distracter, use two distracters, separated by about ten feet, and teach your dog to come between them. As Buddy progresses in his training, work your way through second and third degree distractions.

The purpose of distraction training is to build your and your dog's confidence that he can do it. It also teaches him to concentrate on what he's supposed to do. If at any time you feel the exercise is too much for him, stop. Come back to it at another session.

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