Dealing with Aggression

In This Chapter

► Understanding what aggression is and what causes it

► Managing dogs high in prey drive, fight drive, and pack drive

► Dealing with a dog who's aggressive about his food bowl

► Working with a fear-biter

► Knowing how to handle an attack by another dog

► Digging up the scoop about electric fences

7he term aggression means different things to different people. For example, a dog that runs along the fence in his yard barking and snarling furiously at a passerby may well be considered aggressive. But if he's your dog, you may consider the behavior to be a perfectly normal reaction: The dog is defending his territory, which is what you expect from him.

Many dog owners want a certain amount of protectiveness, or "aggression," from their companions — but only at the right time and under the right circumstances. For the dog, determining the right time and right circumstances can be a tough call. This chapter helps you sort out how to manage the aggression issue in a variety of situations.

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