Developing Training Savvy

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^ Examining factors that affect the training environment ^ Influencing your dog's ability to learn ^ Recognizing your dog's emotional and physical needs ^ Evaluating your dog's response to his environment Dealing with your dog's stress our dog's ability — just like your ability — to learn and retain information is directly related to what goes on around him and how he feels. A noisy and distraction-filled environment makes it difficult for Buddy to concentrate on learning new commands. Strife in the household may cause Buddy to become irritable, even aggressive — feelings that impede the learning process. Even what you feed your dog has an effect on his ability to learn.

Similarly, how Buddy feels, both mentally and physically, influences his ability to learn. If he feels anxious, depressed, or stressed, learning and retention decrease in direct proportion to the degree of the dog's distress. If he is physically ill or in pain, he can't learn what you're trying to teach him.

These observations are stating the obvious — just think how you'd react under similar circumstances — and yet we need to point them out in this chapter because dog owners seem to be oblivious to their effect on the dog's ability to learn.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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