Doing the perfect Figure

Sequence 3's goal is the perfect Figure 8:

1. Practice the review progression (see the preceding section), making two complete Figure 8s.

2. Start from the center and complete one Figure 8 at normal pace, using your shoulders to cue your dog.

Stop and sit your dog. Repeat the review progression often to maintain your dog's enthusiasm.

3. Over the course of several sessions, put the chairs closer together in one-foot increments until they're eight feet apart.

4. Practice a Figure 8 with umbilical cord (see Chapter 14), concentrating on the direction of your shoulders.

Keep your left hand on your belt buckle.

5. Try a Figure 8 off leash.

Although the Figure 8 is done on leash in the Novice class, practicing it off leash is a good test. You'll quickly see where your dog needs more practice.

At one point or another, you may have to use a little check going into the outside turn to impress on Buddy how important it is to you that he speed up.

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